CV stolen by faction in PvE

At some point the last day my CV was parked in Peacekeeper 4 orbit with other SVs docked to it and the faction was changed. SV was changed to private (not by me) and I cannot access it. The CV has been moved near Prediction and sits idle. I have already reported this to admin in game, and he verified that yes, it was set to my faction, but somehow was changed. This is more just an FYI to beware.

thanks for posting here.
Yeah Candy and I checked together.
You were before HTP faction, then H T and with that change your ship was set to public. Anyone could take it, what one guy did.
Maybe you missclicked the Button in Control Panel or it was just in that time a Connection to server lost or a new weird bug. :confused:

The problem is that I changed them all from HTP to Private, left faction and created new faction H T and set all my bases and CV’s/SVs to H T and proceeded to move all my SV’s to the CV in orbit. They were all set to H T, not public as I could not have docked them if they were public.

Ah well… you don’t need to do this guys x)
Just let your ship to the faction they were before and go to factions and click on the Edit button. If you change your faction there all ships will be changed aswell. No need to risk ships got shot by own turrets or this issue here.

Ah, well that would have been a lot easier to do if I knew ahead of time.

Any chance to get my CV and SV’s back or they lost forever to the other faction? I ask because it only took a week of gathering materials for my CV…

Restoring is not really possible, sorry.
What is your ingame nick at least?

Same name. At the least set that CV to R6J if you can’t remove that faction ownership.

Just for kicks.

We can’t influence the game after a period of time in that way.
If you can start your ships in factory I can at least reduce the spawn time for you. Just let me know then.

Guess I will let you know in a week.

well, a bit of help maybe. But that is all I can do

Can I ask a question then regarding BAs, CVs and SVs on PvE playfields are fair game if set to public? Not wanting to question the rules but it would be reasonable to know that I can steal other peoples structures and not worry about being banned for doing so.

Well we don’t consider that as stealing. Setting stuff to public is a mistake made by a player. If we would force such things we would have no sleep, no real life and soon no friends :wink:
If would begin with helping people to land escape pods savely and end with shooting aliens / monsters for the beginner. It is a survival game after all and although we try to help already as lot as we can we can’t help people by these mistakes.

Thanks for clarifying that. Appreciate the help.