Cv stolen on trader starter

hello. i logged on today and my cv was gone. parked on trader starter. i flew around in my hovervessel to look for food and i found another sv that was mine. and it was still parked in my cv but it said FSG on the CV and i could not acsess it. how could they remove my core and place theirs on trader starter?

Did you have it on public? Or relocate the core before you logged off? Because if so someone could walk right up and take it. Might not even know they were stealing, and thought it was supplies for new people. It also may be possible that someone else spawned the same bp?

Would be interesting to know what happend when you went to Neptune. Because when you entered the Faction was gone from the ship and 10 minutes later it was set to private… (but looks more like Public, since no private ID shown).

Could be a bug that we still want to find :(.

We alerted Devs. This is a very bad bug.

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my ship got shot down and i had to make a new core in order to fly back to starter. 1 or 2 days later it got stolen from trader yeah :confused: thanks for alerting them. but does this mean that using exploits is allowed on the server?

If you lost your core and had to replace it, the ship will be public until you change it to private or faction.

If it’s public, anyone can take it.

so i forgot to switch the core status :S?

That’s a question only you and the admins can answer. I’m just letting you know the mechanics.

Yyyyyup. sounds like it. Unfortunately not really an exploit, more of an oversight. But admin may be able to help.