CV Stuck in Stella Sup System

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I warped to Sup System in my CV then moved to my SV to survey the asteroid
field, once I got into my SV I got warped back to the original spot in SUP system where I was
before I warped to stella, in my SV with my CV left behind. I cannot retrieve my CV

Player(s) with issue: Sly McGillicuddy

Server: NA

Time (cb:time): IMPORTANT: We need the server time (type “cb:time” in Faction Chat or log into connect and click the animated menu icon top right of the page) NOT your local time.

Playfield: Identify on which playfield the issue occurred. (hit M in game. playfield name is top right in Planet. info eg. Name: Homeworld)

Structure Name(s): Sheeshmobile

Structure ID(s): cant go to CV

How can we help you now: I would like to be able to get my CV back… I am currently at the star of the Sup System, with no way to retrieve my CV. If my CV could be warped to the star that would fix my issue.

Warped you to your CV and your SV close by. IF not you might need to pick it up on your last location

You actually warped my SV to the place that my CV was and I got warped back to the Sup System star away from both of them now with no ship… lolol So now both my CV and SV are stuck at Stella

It doesnt allow me to be where my SV and CV are… it warps me out of there telling me it belongs to the TAW faction

You could have mentioned that from the beginning, that you entered a restricted Playfield

Warped them both close to you.

Thanks a ton. Sorry I didnt make the issue clear enough. I am experiencing one more problem associated with this. When my ships got warped to me they came with no promethium fuel. Unfortunately because of this I cannot leave where I am now either. Also it seems noone can warp to me as they keep going to Sun left and I am at sun back. They have also tried changing directions to no avail.

Seems like you made it out by now. Glad it worked

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