CV & SV were Deleted

Logged on today and noticed my CV and attached SV were gone. Raz looked in the log and said it got deleted. Not sure why. I was the first person to settle on Destiny the day we moved to 3.0. I am guessing while I was offline, someone else from our faction MUT must have brought on a CV and parked it an not seen the message that there were too many.

Would you mind restoring them? I will leave the MUT faction and just go solo for now. I would really appreciate getting my stuff back. That ship had quite a bit of stuff on it.

Thank you very much.

Here is the log info:

Name of Structure Structure Type On Playfield O/W position Height position N/S position Block Count Deleted
Small Vessel (SV) SV Destiny 2611 39 -225 182 true
Capital Vessel (CV) CV Destiny 2614 29 -243 761 true

Sorry but it was automatically wiped by the game not us or the Structure control, since you did not visit it for long. Its a game mechanic that is announced when entering the server.

We also added in HWS Connect > Structure Commander the ID now. If not naming ships at least provide the ID in the future / if it’s happening again.


I was off line for 8 days working and I have not seen any message saying the program would “auto-wipe” my CV & SV if I didn’t log on every 7 days. My base is still fully intact. My CV and my SV are gone. Seems like a rather harsh punishment for having a job and being out of the country and unable to play for 7-8 days.

I guess my question at this point is, can I have them back? I did donate as I do like much of what you guys do here, but if I am going to lose my CV if I can’t log in for a week I might have to rethink this.

Here is the ID stuff you added last night (I did post this above as you can see, but I don’t think you had the ID’s in it at the time)

Name of Structure Structure ID Structure Type On Playfield O/W position Height position N/S position Device Count Block Count Deleted
Small Vessel (SV) 57183 SV Destiny 2611 39 -225 42 182 true
Capital Vessel (CV) 90006 CV Destiny 2614 29 -243 125 761 true

Thx a lot. Actiually I also dont know why they were wiped. If you were offline 8 days it should not have happend. The Server has a Auto-Wipe function for 15 days (when the player or faction member does not visit the structures). Thats visiblke when oyu select the server.
But 8 days is to short. I Just saw in the Empyrion logs that it says “wiped”…strange.

Ill bring them back in a minute.

It should be next to you

Thank you very much. I truly appreciate it :slight_smile: