CV Taken by Server warnings bugged

Hey there we did not realize you could not have more than 1 CV on the pirate starter and the server ended up taking the ship. i checked the entire global log and there was no error, did not know you had to be toggled to faction chat to actually see the error come up. we got the final warning when it took the ship in global but the initial 4 never showed up with global chat toggled.

this took us a week of farming can we please get it back.

All the warnings appear in both chats just they remain longer in faction than global for obvious reason that global is more commonly used. My advice would be read the guide if you haven’t done so already.
It’s not guarantee you will get the ship back as the warning system gives a total of 5 warnings over a space of 75minutes but only when members of your faction is online, this being said you are best to also provide your faction and the ships name along with its ID, you can get the ID by typing DI in the console and look at the ship or check structure commander on the website.

This has been resolved… thank you Achilles for helping us out, will not make that mistake again.

Ahh cool glad your getting it sorted :slight_smile:

thanks for helpin out as usual Blackvortex class act.

anytime bud