CV warp bug

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: while warping between homeworld and ceres my ships warped without me. Before I could get a ride it was attacked in donor west space and destroyed.
Player(s) with issue: tertim
Time (cb:time): wed mar 7 2118 3:31
Playfield: donor west headed to Ceres
lost tims loveboat , tims destroyer. my cv was completely filled with all types of igots and ore. I was taking it to ceres to gather all my material in one place to make it easier to transfer it to OCD, Tims loveboat was a x-7 I bought from Smally… I also had a cargo bin filled with pentaxid and fusion cells along with about 10 cases of food.I told these people that it was unoccupied and what happened to me and they just kept up the attack. Any help would be appreciated. I also was under the impression that you aren;t supposed to attack in a warp zone.
Structure Name(s): Tims destroyer
Structure ID(s): tims lovegoat
How can we help you now:

This structure does not exist.

Camping in a warp zone is not allowed but flying through the warp zone on occasion is fine. What happened here btw. 19 minutes after your ship got stuck there someone warped there and destroyed. In fact it was your ship which camped in that zone. But of course not intentionally.

That is no ID but another ship name which does not exist.

So, on my side I see a “TIMS ATTACKER” and “Tims Loveboat”. If these are the structures you are looking for I see what I can do.

yes those are the ships lost along with a little sv at the same time. Sorry about the names! I really appreciate the help Rex. They cored my ship and I couldn’t remember its name for sure.

not really worried about the little sv. its a prefab I used to get to my ship. really hurt losing my x-7 and CV with all the cargo I had gathered on homeworld .

restored + warp you to it

thanks much