CV Wrongly taken by HWS

I made a 2nd CV on DT2. I immediately cored the 1st CV, changed faction to private and scraped most of it so as not to break rules. I kept seeing warnings about only having 2 CV’s on DT1 so I moved the new one to D2T. I thought coring the first would kill it. Now I relogged and I am locked in the new ship. I thought I did it right. What can I do now? I was planning to use the new ship to leave starter.

Hello @Tarkus

for a best history crawl I would need the ID of these two ships please. At least of the one which got set to HWS.
Normally the system recognize your “trick” fast enough but sometimes Karma hits you back still.

The ship is no longer listed on HWS connect to get the id but it was the KarnE vil 9. Someone who said he was an admin said he would take care of it. I suicided out and got a ride back to D2T. I went back 30 min. later but couldn’t find it.

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