CV's rebranded HWS

Greetings. Partner and I just flew to the CSW EU to NA found it to be down, I literally had to log due to family he warped to Armagheddon planet and we both logged. I just came back and both our CV’s are renamed HWS and can’t access them.

I haven’t managed to find any rules saying we did something wrong can someone help me figure out how to fix this?


Armageddon is a CV free planet. The server will take your CVS after 10 warnings.

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Sight I landed and logged so never got the warnings. I take it there is no reversal just need to reset my toon?

DM Rex or Jascha they may give it back

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Hi, Kegstand.

Can you outline exactly where the CV’s are and what their CV names are? You said they are “renamed” HWS, but typical seizure refactions your CV as HWS, not rename it – unless there’s a different reason.

Was the naming vulgar or did it violate the rules in some way?

Sorry wasn’t able to sign into forum for a bit. I am standing on both the CV’s in game now the last 8 or so hours hoping to salvage the gear somehow. I guess at this point let em blow up/rot gonna move elsewhere. Was a New player just trying to get to the right server there’s a whole metric fuckton of shit to learn with his server and game combined hard to do the right thing 100% when you have no idea what the right thing is.


Keg, I’m Admin, I can help. If you answer those questions, might help me get to the bottom of it. Could have been an automatic seizure of some sort.

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Ya I am pretty sure it was automatic seizure and fully my fault I did not know the planet was CV free. I logged right after landing must not have seen warnings. I started on NA will that screw things up continuing to try and get those back?

Ahhh, Ok that will do it… Yes.

I was trying to suss out the “Exactly where” parts as thats exactly what will happen – Just like building a base in EM.

I can come grab them for you and get them into Orbit.

2 CV’s we did not rename them when built I never even thought about it. One is the tier one starter CV the other is a bare bones sled. I don’t know what they are named when you build them. My character was standing on them still as of last night. I just burned too many hours sitting idle was falling asleep in my chair waiting to see if we could get them back lol. I completely realize it was our own fault (Ignorance of the law is no excuse) so if they are toast they are toast I just mined/foraged a crap ton of stuff and hate to lose it plus now stuck on a pvp plent in east bumfook lol!

I didn’t see your reply was too busy typing lol yes that would be stupendous and much appreciated. I am loading in now and if they are still there I’m on their location.

You in NA or EU?

EU armageddon

We were trying to switch to NA

Thanks again for the help, much appreciated.