DAILY INTEREST! - not working!

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I have Bank level 5. I visit EB every day. I see a massage but i dont see additional credits in my account.
Player(s) with issue: A.F.T
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): Every day
Playfield: ECC \ ECC Planet
Structure Name(s): EGS Service
Structure ID(s): Eblank
How can we help you now: Fix it please (you can see my logs and you do not see daily interest - i recived it only 3-4 times.

No need to fix mate,
it is working but make sure you check your credits yourself carefully.

And before you aask why you didn’t get interest the other day it is because you neither visited ECC nor the EGS Star in Homeworld Space.

Yeah i see it. But where my interest from 1.11 3.11 4.11 ??? And i every day visit ECC palnet. For ammo or other things. Today i not yet vist it but take interest from where. Maybe you explain the mechanics of it? If i visit EB today and see the message (bla bla the gold drone arrived sone - like this) i get it credist from yesterday? “In the morning chairs - in the evening money” or Vice versa?

But no matter! Interest - just don’t want to be a friends with me. I think :joy:

:roll_eyes: Maybe my day and server day it is not the same? But only one confused me - when i visit EB i see a message. But not see credits.

It is all written here:

The other days you didn’t get your interest because you wasn’t in the zone.
I can’t babysit all of your steps. I just know 100% that it works so you have to be more careful in collecting the interests.

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