Daily loot cycle resets after 24 days

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What happened:
=> Daily loot cycle resets after 24 days

Player(s) with issue:
=> 42of 79

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 27 May 2020, 08:22

=> Freelancer HQ

Structure Name(s):
=> na

Structure ID(s):
=> na

How can we help you now:
=> My daily loot calendar has been skipping the last 4 days for months now. I thought it was something I was doing but now I’m sure it’s not. Maybe a database issue???

The daily loot resets every 28 days. That means that to get all, you must claim them every day for 28 days, from the day the system resets, not the day you first collect nr 1. See the counter at the top of the daily loot.


So why doesn’t the system reset when I miss a day?

It’s because as mentioned already it’s on a rolling 28 day cycle. If you play every day, and collect every day from the day a new season starts, you can collect them all at least 3 times in a regular season.

It resets for every single player on the same day. It starts for every player on the same day. We all have the same opportunity.

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So you’re saying it reset for you yesterday too? k, nvm, I asked in chat - they confirm. Thx/

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