Damn these disconnects!

So far since the new patch, it has been nothing but massive headaches with all the disconnection notifications every 5 seconds, this has become what I consider all PvE = Player vs Eating to survive between disconnection notices. It’s bad enough that I am seriously considering to forgo the season of any PvP as bad as it is.

Is there any end to this misery? Does Eleon even take it seriously that it undermines their social experiment in Empy? I remember back in season 5 the massive lag due to massive battles happening, I hate to see how bad a 1v1 does between two players and survival tools. A massive universe is appealing for sure, but what good is that gameplay when you stop every 5 seconds and are forced to wait for 20-30 seconds for the DC notification to go away to fly another 5m in game just to repeat endlessly?

Moreover, what can WE do as players to lessen the impact that this is having? Is this unique to HWS or does it happen on other servers as well?

It’s definitely happening on at least some other servers as well. I’ve seen it mentioned in quite a few reports on the official forums.

Not just the disconnect messages either. There are multiple reports, even from the official Eleon servers, of the issues with ships disappearing left and right after warps, players becoming corrupted, unable to login, incorrect player counts, etc, etc, etc.

A12 has just been a buggy nightmare so far for servers at least.

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I don’t doubt one bit the effort Rexx or Jascha are putting forth to cover this shit show, I don’t blame them. Right now I feel the blame lies squarely with Eleon. These are things they should have vetted out long before releasing the A12 patch. They are not a Bethesda level screwups, but as of now they are not far off either.

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