Death Boxes glitched through floor, possible retrieval help

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
Boxes glitched into floor at Blasted house POI, me and two others have suffered from this.
Player(s) with issue:
Time (cb:time):
10:00PM AKST
Structure Name(s):
Blasted House
Structure ID(s):
Not sure how to pull POI ID
How can we help you now:
=> retrieve boxes, modify unmodifiable block to allow access to the box.


lost backpacks are not really an Admin problem, since its a game mechanic where we have not much control about.
But since its not accessible we can check of course.
Usually though we can’t/won’t do anything if we have no prove about it, like screenshots.

I restored it for now, but just keep the screenshots in mind for next time please :wink:

Understood, we expected them to despawn before retrieval would be possible, so we sorta gave up on getting these back. Thank you for this! I’ll make sure screenshots are available next time something like this happens.

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