Death, it should be a bigger deal than it is especially for PvP

So, when your character dies, be it via PvP, harsh environments or the newly enhanced monsters you will find yourself at a screen that looks something like this:

I am proposing an RP tax depending on what respawn option you choose (more so in PvP)
Respawn at Homebase or cb:home - No RP tax (PvE/PvP)
Nearest Medic Station/Clone Chamber - No RP tax (PvE/PvP)
Current Location - either No RP tax for PvE OR a lower cost version of the PvP system
Fresh Start - this should always be free

For current location in PvP there should be a system where the RP tax will double if you are respawning too often in a short period of time(say within a 15 minute timespan)
Current Location - 5 RP tax(1st), 10 RP tax(2nd), 20 RP tax(3rd), 40 RP tax(4th) and so on.
Maybe a 5 RP tax for using the destroyme command in any PvP zone and no cost while in PvE.
If you do not have enough RP to pay the tax then you cannot use that respawn option.

I think such a system would prevent issues like ammo draining in PvP and possibly a similar system could be good for using the destroyme console command while in PvP. Often this command is u̶s̶e̶d̶ abused by people to prevent them from being killed by another player while in combat and this defeats the purpose of PvP without bringing up the topic of combat logging.

I am sure some people will absolutely hate this idea but after all of the police reports I have seen and the amounts of times I watched this sort of stuff happen… Some are acquiring MANY deaths to ammo draining and looking at the death board in the B menu there a few with a massive death counts.

Curious to hear what others think both PvP and PvE

Never heard someone claim that suicide was an exploit before…
My general though on all this though is that the real penalty should be for the death, not for the selected method of recovery. This is already in place, last I checked: -1 RP per death.

People use the suicide option to prevent you from killing them in PvP. Which prevents you from gaining the kill/rp etc from killing them essentially ruining the point of PvP.
I have not noticed in dashboard anything about -1 RP per death.


I am very soooory … thats a EAH bug. I did deduct RP on death,… but only on starter planets.
It should actually be: Only on Not starter planets.
Will be updated tonight.


I inherently disagree with this; ammo draining is already punished. There is no reason to make PVP even LESS attractive for others and newcomers who would likely be FAR more interested in recovering their loot should they get downed.

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There should be no RP TAX

Making the game ridiculous and even more grindy. LESS GRIND. MORE PVP.

I think the player getting the kill should get RP. Playing Dying doesnt lose RP.

And no it doesnt stop people from ammo draining cause…

We (The alliance) held Golden globe for 99% of the season. People ammo drained with OVERCLASSED CV’s … and not dying in the process. Meaning, they entered the planet with a max class CV. A timer starts warning them its going to be taken, but before they lose the CV, they go back to orbit and then come back with it to continue ammo draining.

Originally they ammo drained with HV’s because hvs would attack our turrets, but then that became less appealing than ammo draining. Dropping them onto planet. But atleast at the start of the season people were dying doing it… cudos to them for trying to take it down.

Make ships/hvs (all vehicle weapon types do more dmg) thats how you make PVP better… thats how you can actually increase kills and make pvp interesting. BA dmg>CV>HV>SV … Rockets Travel faster than all vehicle types(aka no out running them)

The other point on PVP; because of the lack of dmg, its nearly impossible to die unless you really mess up or go in planning to die. CV fights used to be better with lag shots on cores… now its just impossible for anyone to die. Noobs with workshop ships is about the only ones who die.

Curious, did you even have a base in pvp? lmao. When was the last time you got ammo drained?

What you are describing isn’t ammo draining. This has been covered 1 million times already by @RexXxuS. The CV is losing blocks which someone spent time gathering resources for and making.

Weapon damage has already been increased drastically if you have been paying attention to the new config. I agree that before the new config it was quite ridiculous how hard it was to actually die in PvP.
Ammo draining is defined by the use of the player’s body or drone or any other method to provoke turrets into using ammo to attack it repeatedly while costing no resources to the offending player. Getting a ship shot up and then repairing it is not ammo draining.
As far as death/respawn penalties… the 1 rp per death seems ok. Maybe bump it to -2 or -3. It would be interesting to see respawn current location disabled completely on PvP. If you didn’t have a clone chamber available nearby then you simply got killed off the playfield, such is pvp. That might bring back the usefulness of “carrier” CVs, to be able to quickly deploy fresh ships into an ongoing battle as pilots are shot down without having to travel from your home system. And another goal for those fighting over the area, find and destroy the enemy CV to slow their reinforcements.

I think that increasing so much the death penalty will lower only the action and discourage new players to explore / try the pvp. For me is a Big no.

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Both an oversize CV and naked base rushing are ammo draining. The difference is the legality of the two by the rules.

You must be losing something in exchange for the ammo your causing the base to expend.

I am just curious what legitimate reason someone has to respawn in the same dangerous location an infinite amount of times in a short period of time if they are being killed after losing their vessel in PvP if they are not using a clone chamber/med bay etc…

I disagree with this, people who are using it are often stuck and have no other way out. Punishing people for getting stuck in a hole on a high gravity planet is silly.


They are already punished by rules.

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