Debt every time i warp to ECC regardless of time + constantly dissapearing ships

i keep getting taxed when i go to ECC regardless of the time and i cant pay the debt. i have dumped a good deal of money in this game and have experienced nothing but gliched and bugs. Despite this all, im in love with this game and am happy to live with them all (and happy to continue spending money at the rate i have been, which is alot). BUT i cant play if my ships are getting repossesed for actions that are not my own. ive had two ships dissapear and have not bothered to get them back for filing a petition seemed like a waste of time then just building a sv. one of them dissapearing led to my first tax. which was legitamet. but the taxes after that i have NO idea how im racking them up. i checked debt at 19:20 today and had a debt of almost 400k (which i dont remeber racking up but am happy to live with it) but then i warped to ECC at 19:40 today and racked up a million dollar tax. again, happy to accept all gliches that i can play through. but getting taxed for just visting ECC is beyond frustrating

Sorry for the spelling mistakes, lets just say its not my supper power

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player is Lenaius
Server is NA
Time was 19:40
playfield was ecc


sorry to hear that. I repaid your tax and also gave you some extra for the first time.

But about yesterdays Tax: Keep in mind to stay online for at least 5 minutes after you leave ECC. The ship was still registered to ECC and sadly the game did not tell us any news before the Tax collection. But in reality you were in another orbit. But we only get every few minutes an update on the structures.

If you keep that in mind it should be all good.

About the lost SV: Thanks for making our load less. But let us know if you loose something important. Not sure when the devs will fix this bugs, but until then we are here to help out.

thank u so much for the help, still no idea how i got taxed at 19:30 but thanks for fixing it. the first tax was, again, legitament. my sv dissapeared and i had a capital stuck in each system with no way to get between them.instead of retriving it right away i spent time looking for my ship. i could have easily have built another sv and retrived my cv. again, thats 100% on me, the second time was at 19:30 so still confused. how that happened.

again, thanks so much for the help. you guys have done an amazing job of makings good game 10 times better.

I think you missunderstand the tax. The list you see onoline says that you get taxed this much , if you don’t move until the 9am restart (Berlin time), Its not the actual tax you WILL have to pay.

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