Deep Orbit Alien Assault?

Logged in earlier to find my base missing. Intruder log empty, but structure commanders tells me the base was deleted. I pull the coords and go check it out.

What I find (after cautiously approaching), was about a dozen ai ships with default bp names idling in a perfect sphere around where my base was. The ships ranged from freighters, to some class 10 carrier. In its center, was a CV_Emerald with a purple admin name.

Given the orientation of the ships around my base, we could imagine they spawned some even distance around the core in a 360 sphere (and some distance). Roaming ai ships likely would never align themselves so intelligently.
Perhaps I missed something new that was implemented in the last season I missed, but I haven’t encounted any ai or alien cvs in pvp deep orbit.

I’m just trying to figure out if this is actually a thing (that i’ve never seen, experienced, or heard of before) or if somebody found a way to spawn forbidden bps en masse by some hack or whatever.

@RexXxuS this is the same group of CVs I destroyed in Inception space.

Im really interested to hear the resolution to this…
Its either one of the most bizarre bugs I have ever seen, or someone exploiting the AI CV spawn mechanic in some way external to the game itself. Atleast as far as I can tell.

Cant post the pic’s here due to privacy but will send it to you.
Thats really wired. No one ever got close to your base… thats a wired bug, but I guess Independencday is coming…

We send the infos to the devs…

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