Defense bases destroyed main base

So i just started a faction, and i was bringing my friend out to see the base. I turned it to faction so he could see it. What i didnt know what my own defense bases then blew the hell out my main base…completely. So all my stored stuff, tons and TONS of stuff obliterated. No idea. Is there anything you can do or am i just screwed?

I don’t think anyone will do anything to help ya out here as you kinda brought it upon yourself. If you had your “defense” bases and main base set to faction they wouldn’t have blown each other up. I’m assuming you had all the defense bases set to private and then switched your main base to faction on a pvp world so your actions caused your stuff to go boom. Always make sure everything is set to faction or private but not a mix of both unless you’re on a pve world/orbit.

Ignorance of the law. I get it, but when thousands of ore dissappear in an instant, you have to try. Just no idea it would attack my own faction.

From the coming Patch Notes:

  • Fixed: Problem that own private bases shoot at own faction vessel in PvP

For now we can’t restore bases due integrity / corruption. We might restore resources in some circumstances.

So does this mean ill get my resources back?