Deleted Base

Hi. Though to get back to empyrion and to hws. I drop by the server friday or yesterday(cant remember), put my gold stored to process on a tinny base, cause i need to put it on the bank to reset my character and change my faction. The thing is… i loged in today and pah… no base at all… So i ask on chat, ppl said that could be for 2 reasons, 7 days away or to small base… Well of course was the second one.

So, i get it that so much bases could impact the performance, and the 7 days thing was much better than wipe every week… but man… to small bases? Why would i build an huge station if i’ll leave the planet… I just built a base with the basic of basic. Core, generator, t3 tank, medical room and an advanced constructor, just to process my gold and get off from the faction. I didn’t even know that was this limitation to too small bases and honestly i don’t think thats make any sense…

Anyway, i was processing 18k of gold ore(if i remember), i don’t even care about the base, just would like to get my gold back… Could you guys do it for me? I see that the base is on register, so you can spawn and check the ammount of gold that has on it. Please do it for me?

Section 5.7 in the guide (

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