Deleted CV

My CV was deleted. Is there any way to get it back?

it was right after I switched to NA server from EU then my friend also did the same but before i was able to leave. Ship was gone after I logged back in.

So you stayed in the CSW orbit?
Please be really careful and always leave it! The orbit will be wiped everytime a CSW jump happens. I am at work now. Maybe @Jascha can help or I later.

See rule 4.3

Also a small vessel was deleted along with it but it doesn’t show up on my list except my friends list. here its the “Dank Mobile”. I knew it was probably bad how he was coming over at the same time before I left.

Got both Ships back from Backup and set them to Peacekeeper 1 at 4000,4000,4000.
I also warped you there.

Thank you so much!