Deleted ships in Homeworld and Alliance oribit!

Server deleted 2cv and 4 sv on Alliance planet orbit. !? I used it two days ago

Yes for us to. We missing more ships in Allianceorbit and Homeworldorbit. But we get a Station in Allianceorbit!?. It is a klon from ours Station in Homeworldorbit. What’s the matter?

Can you please just in case give us the Ship Ids. Makes it easier for us to look what happend.

Ship ID´s, you know it? i know only the name of the ship, but i have to wait for the other members to give you all names.
I miss a CV ship it calls “Berta” it was in Allianceorbit. On it docked was a hv it calls “Ben 1”. But there was more ships from us nearby.


I know now where i can find the Ship ID´s. @Jascha now i had send you the log from “HWS Connect”.
You see there was deleted many structures. Only the last 6 entries was not deleted.



I also lost all that was in orbit - ID on the screen is (

Structure Commander

Name of Structure

Structure ID

Structure Type

On Playfield

O/W position

Height position

N/S position

Device Count

Block Count


MHASV-COBRA 13819001 SV Allianceworld 1221 true
HAFB-F-710 11927002 SV Allianceworld 1216 true
MRF-RC-ViperH-1 9527002 SV Allianceworld 737 true
MHBCV-PROTEUS 8987009 CV Allianceworld 4309 true
CHBCV-IMPAILER 13251003 CV Allianceworld 4785 true
MRB-Repair Outpost 13971001 BA Allianceworld 70 true

So what to do? How long to wait?I have nothing - only shared base left on the planet, and I’m in space…
The list of missing:
Minik-r2 517961 SV Allianceworld
WarPlan 11222007 CV Allianceworld
WarGen62 14790007 SV Allianceworld
SAT2 9455003 BA Allianceworld
Ku 9426002 SV Allianceworld
SAT1 8878023 BA Allianceworld
Bro 5415054 CV Allianceworld
Small Vessel (SV) 5606003 SV Allianceworld
MiniMax50 334092 CV Allianceworld
BSA Orbit 2606062 BA Allianceworld

Hey GUYS? You know alliance orbit is pvp right?

Ever think that maybe they got destroyed, not wiped?
How far out were they? / did you have anything public/recored recently

I know it’s pvp. But when you destroy something in the log you can see who was there. Here is the log at all.

It only shows the intruder log if someone gets close to it. You can bomb from distance and not show up in intruder log as it is now.

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I think admins can see everything and they would have written about it already - but the answer is no and no

Whelp I dont know what else to tel lyou. You parked in PVP space, and other people who did the same in the same playfield are still there. That tells me you got blown up. Disagree all you want. I was just trying to help.

Thank you for trying to help
And you know how the logs?
There are people who have lost ships and lost not all but some…it’s something with the server

Allianceworld is up again.
Due to the recovery Faction PRP has lost a base and PACBET a CV and one SV. We will try to recover that asap too.

Homeworld is sadly a whole nother story since “only” 97 of 150 structures went down over night… no one knows why. Devs look into it. We willdo our best, but about homeworld we have to see what is possible.

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Ok I stand corrected. Thanks for the clarification Jascha. I just know normally when I hear this sort of thing its someone late night killing all their stuff lol.
I do know the intruder log does not catch everything. I have on multiple occasions tried to go back and see who warped camped, etc, and found nothing

Ty. Admin load the backup of orbit




Sadly its quite hard for us to recover the whole Orbit. Since we did not see it earlier and it only deleted 2/3 of all strucutres we cant just get all out of the backup (that would cause duplicate ships etc… since others moved already out. Therefore the only way would be to recover each one by one. 100 structures would mean one day only shiprecovery… so shortly before 5.0 would be insane!

Due to 5.0 approaching soon we would ONLY, yes only get those structures out of backup that contain ALL you have, a really really big loss to you! For example if you stored all your Ores there and stuff that you needed for 5.0.
But no SV’s or smal CV’s. Its really just about a BIG loss needed for 5.0 OCD. Please understand.

If oyu have such a big loss, please report us here or via PM. Thank you.

Devs are looking into the problem. It was definetly a Game Error that never happend before.

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Good time of day. I lost their ships in homeworld system during error. Please restore the ship and its contents.
Here are their ID
ID 17086007
ID 17075035
ID 10882011