Dept on bank please help

Hi Guys
I have a problem with the bank, I have many debts and do not know why.
I have not had to pay taxes and have owed over 5 million credits.

How can that be?
is that a bug?
(sorry, translate by google) :stuck_out_tongue:

With kind regards Manu

You sure youve never had taxes?

Also, Death = Cost. The more you die, the more it costs.


There is no bug that we are aware of with the taxes but this is a common post we receive and mainly due to miss understanding :wink:

  1. Tax is charged on any structure in certain Playfields

  2. If you have high death count and continue dying alot this will be very expensive as you are charged… Please check the guide.

If you can show that there is an actual issue with the tax then we will of course help but the code is fairly straight forward and the calculation although maybe a little confusing usually end up pointing to the reason why.

Check you logs, see where you’ve left stuff and when you’ve died Ingame and reference the guide and I’m sure all will be clear


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