Derelict on warp point killed me

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: got warped onto derelict and died in the ecc system
Player(s) with issue: Zemaus
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 17:31
Playfield: ECC system space
Structure Name(s): Derelict
Structure ID(s): ?
How can we help you now: Idk my sutff is stuck behind a homing missile death wall

Hello @Zemaus
I don’t know that sentence. Can you please explain how we can help you now?

You got warped onto derelict? What does it mean and how did it turn that way?

So i was warping from ecc system to my friends on the alliance hq planet but im freelancer and got warped back. I didnt know it would do this and when i got warped back i got put on a derelict and it killed my sv and stuff has despawned by now.

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Ok thanks!
Strange that you got teleported to the hidden special POI :open_mouth:

I restored your backpack for now. Is this ok or do you need more help?

I actually got a ride from someone to the nearest sattion so im not sure lol

Ok, a popup came up in game. Just take what you need and I mark it as solved, ok?

yup good

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