Despawned stuff Again

Once again my stuff despawn. Now this time it was my CV and all my loot… so now i dont have anything! i’m done with this gliched server. my friend also made 2 sv in factory placed them and both of them despawned 2 min later.!

Sorry out of your message i cant see any infos.
Can you please give details.
Its not the server, its the game. And if you give us more information we could at least tell devs to fix it.
Sometimes you need to wait a bit and they respawn. And keep in mind that the website is not accurate at the moment. Rex still has to fix a bug and the webiste is up to 10 minutes late.

i landed yesterday because it was a server restart then i had to go and i logged back online when i woke up today and it was gone, it was not even on my registry and my character had moved like 200 block or whatever you call it away from there i logged off.

And about the 2 Sv that whent missing i have no more info it just vanished

Sorry, but I Still dont know where you landed, when exactly, what ships are missing… How can I help you?

i landed on Saturn around 5PM since it was daily restart of the server. Lost tier1 CV Tier 1 SV Mining HV and Shit loads of rss since this was my temp base because of todays wipe

and to mention this was my second time i lost all my stuff earlier my base despawned so

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