Did the "Contract" Ships get removed?

I have looked at the HWS Garage and noticed that there are no “Contract” versions of the Maur and Foundry available. Have they been removed from the server?

I personally would like to see them return as I have Alien Cores I would like utilize for them.

I had to remodel the HQ planets and remap the coordinates for the Garage ships.

They will be back soon.


Thanks Rexx!

It’s been nearly a month so I just thought I would ask. Is the origin outposts coming back this season or no?

I know guys, I know :frowning:

I’m still working on my real life project (coding website for a customer with a deadline) so I can’t spend too much time into HWS as I want.

My todo list is long already and cool events planned.

I try to do it still in this season. The project is soon over.

NP man Real life is more important. I was just curious