Didn't get Trader delivery

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Bought from trader erestrium and Zascosium
Player(s) with issue: Elstubert
Server: North America
Time (cb:time): ~ 1540 EST
Playfield: Cryo A1
Structure Name(s): NA
Structure ID(s): NA
How can we help you now: Can I get a refund of my RP and Credits or delivery of the zasc/erustrium Please? 100k 8RP

From what trader? Credits + RP cost only the HWS NPC Trader. And is not mentioned in your player logs by your mentioned time.

The NPC trader, my credits definately went down, my steam name is elstubert007 it seems like I have two accounts for the game ?

two accounts for the the website not the game, I my time was an estimate, it might have been a few minutes earlier

2 accounts for the website? Dunno.

One account for the game I can see at least.

Hm if you type cb:time ingame can you translate it to your time please. I looked and can’t find the proper location.
Or send me your HWS Connect Player Log entry from that NPC Trader purchase. Everything is logged there.

Just looked at log, it looks like my gold miner leveled upto 6 maybe I hit the button twice, that would explain why I didn’t get the delivery. I must have been mistaken, thanks

OH and while I have your attention we finished the HWS combat, but the quest didn’t complete, any ideas?

Oh and how long does donor status take to kick in?

What action / task is missing in your PDA? If you emptied the final Box, you should have everything checked green in your PDA

Already activated it. Thank you very much for your support. Really appreciated a lot!

it says that I have finished, but not entered same for everyone in the faction.
we completed it together. We got the last container the gold, purple box, cores, etc. but it didn’t complete

don’t sweat it we are just going to do it again, hopefully it completes this time

I will check later why it happened.

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