Died at warp in point from ECC to HW

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Warp-in point being camped by RED faction member
Player(s) with issue: Juggoire
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 16:45
Playfield: Homeworld System
Structure Name(s): doesn’t really matter
Structure ID(s): See above
How can we help you now: Get RED to play by the server rules, maybe? (Good luck with that, I guess)

PvP creates heated situations. Nothing new.
No assumptions or hate needed guys.

In this situation @CyIvIpak killed @Juggoire
It was no warp camping by a base and I checked if it was traditional CV camping.
But nope, indeed it was a “fly by” action:

This was not happening here. @CyIvIpak did not camp there for 3 minutes.

Just an unlucky PvP encounter.

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So, as long as you’re ‘moving through’ the warp-in point (numerous times), that’s not classed as camping? Are you insane? What a fucking ridiculously easy loophole to exploit… Well done again!

And 3 minutes? How long does it take you to move off when warping in, Rex? Honestly, you make it far too easy for these guys to laugh at your rules.
As I’ve already stated, with lag-shots and now mega factions laughing at your face, I’m done for this season. Good luck with it all, matey. I’ve a feeling you’ll need it.

You arrived in PVP on a stool with a soft back. They kill people here. Try to make a warship for PVP and not a bucket on which you fly.

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Where did I say that he or others are patrolling numerous times?
I didn’t. And I checked even that accusation and it’s not right either.

Take it as it is: it was an unlucky PvP encounter.
Nothing more and nothing less.

If 3 minutes are now too short or other suggestions can be made somewhere else.
Nobody likes the warp mechanism in Empyrion I think and I hope myself it can get improved in the future. Such situations here are not cool.
Alpha 12 will change some ways how warp work I think. So let’s see what happens then.

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