Disable OCD Cooldown till 5.0

@RexXxuS @Jascha

Please disable all OCD put cooldowns until 5.0 goes live so people can stash all their stuff in the OCD before the wipe.


Why? Just fly to a PVE field and OCD it. There are still several days left to pack up.

I really would rather not - we have ~50 CVs all with various quantities of loot in them so I’d much rather go in one, empty it into my OCD and move to the next than stash all my stuff in a CV and then fly that whole thing to a PvE playfield to empty it.

And I would rather not be ferrying 200+ crates worth of parts back through pvp space where LBP could ambush me and destroy the boxes, then nobody gets anything. :-p

On second thought…maybe it’s fine as it is :smiling_imp:


With the experimental for 5.0 going active for Empyrion I think now is the time for the OCD to be unrestricted as well. All so it can be used as it was intended for the last week.

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  1. One small cargo ship between your 50 CV’s that has constructors that smelts them into combat armor blocks again while you multitool it.
  2. Then you put the combat armor blocks into a few cargo boxes and warp to a nearby pve planet, then you only have like 2km to travel through PVP space with just a few boxes because the warp puts you close to a planet.

It’s not like we didn’t know 5.0 wasn’t gonna hit in the next week anyway. I already slowly started packing up way before. You chose to wait until the last few days… Then ask for unlimited OCD…

Dude - why are you opposed to this?

What logical basis is there NOT to do this?

It’s just a quality of life fix for the next few days. There are no downsides.


Waste of admin time. It’s just like the newbies in Milky Way:

Omg I lost all my stuff! I wanted to move my base out on the last 5 min before wipe but had bug, could not login. I want my stuff back.

^ Why not pack up a day early…

All the veterans knew relatively accurately when the 5.0 wipe was planned and know how to solve it.
And all the (hardcore pvp) veterans know how to deal with flying 1 ship safely to a PVE planet after living in PVP orbit for weeks.

Besides, most work is to actually multitool it all. It’s just a lazy request at a time where admins have better things to do (even though it’s probably a quick fix I guess). So I disagree.
Nothing against you Mordgier I love you. But I sadly often disagree with you.

Yeah I’m sure commenting out the cooldown code is going to be a major undertaking.

I bet you they have a 3 day code review process, approval by change management and release board and pending coordination with the deployment checkout team and relationship management sign-off…oh god I hope they’re not in a year end change freeze!

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Well i hope they dont change anything… It still makes it fun for those who are jumping around trying to find a fight.

If you wanna ocd stuff go to PVE and thats it.

This server dont end until the wipe will happend and i for one will play until the last hours.

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