Disconnect caused problems

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What happened: I was entering Alliance HQ atmosphere when I got disconnected. After reconnecting, I was floating in space without my SV and died by freezing. I respawned at my base and created another SV to go get my stuff back. Although I found my SV and reacquired it by using the detach console command (it was “occupied” when I found it), I can find no trace of my backpack. This is extremely annoying as I had just come back from a trip to ECC where I had retrieved all my OAM ores.
Player(s) with issue: Dan
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): about 20-30 minutes ago
Playfield: Alliance HQ Space/Alliance HQ
Structure Name(s): Small Vessel (SV)
Structure ID(s): 5051188
How can we help you now: Get my backpack contents back please - I fixed the rest myself :slight_smile:

A few things that you had are missing, because your backpack was full, but I think they where not that important.
I see some strange logs concerning that time. Could you please send us your client logs. Devs would like to look into them to find the problem.

Important update: WE REALLY NEED your client logs. Devs found a bigger problem and need to look deeper into it. As soon as you have the possibility please send them to us.

usually they are located here: …\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Logs…
The last folder (highest number).

Hi Jascha, no problem - how/where do you want me to send them?

Client_171228-180104-63.log (21.4 KB)
Uploaded it here for speed.

Additional info I forgot to mention - the problem had occurred a few times yesterday but never with such severe issues as the last time, the one I reported.
On each occasion it happened, I was connected using Avast SecureLine VPN.
When I dropped the VPN connection, everything worked ok.

Not that important? Fusion fuel cells, canned meat, emergency rations and fuel cells of various types.
I would still like them back though.

Thanks a lot. Is it just one log file?
Its not the one we need. Could you zip the whole Log Folder (Build Number)?

1433.zip (12.3 KB)
That’s the lot from the 28th

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Thank you a lot.

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