Disconnect while cross server warping

I got disconnected while cross server warping, stuck on na-eu warp out and my ship is in eu-na warp out. Char didnt warp, lost all the stuff on my char, i just need to be moved to my ship so i can try again. Would be nice to get my epic sniper back, you know what with faction and all


So i managed to make another ship and go there. my ship was nowhere. So maybe on the other server even though my char wasnt there. So i do another warp and it disconnects me with a msg saying something was wrong. When i get back in now im on na server with no ships at all. There are some in registry, but you cant click on them without an error. And my BIG ship with ALL my stuff is nowhere.

BTW, ALL my credits are gone from the jump that were on me, SIXTEEN MILLION. That ship was completely loaded down. And ALL of its GONE. over 350k of iron, and thats not including the ore! No i dont know how to send you logs, i dont know shit about computers. You have to have some kind of history of my character a back up something.

The ship is still in my structure command on the eu server, but i cant find it. Out of air on both servers and stranded.

Hey Buddy sorry to hear that but have calm and patience and wait till the admins are back. Its very late for them right now.

PH this also happens to me while warping and was fixed by switching my ship to public them place it back to private/faction again. Or using the getshipdown command even if its not on a planet.

Good luck

Not on a planet, and cant access the ship in any way. Also out of air. And even if thats fixed when i crossed server i still lost everything on me including 14 or so million credits. And i sincerely hope you’re right =D

Sorry for the touble. Was my fault. Some trouble with 5.0 when writing playerfiles.

Please login to NA server. I put your CV and SV deep in space and put you next to it. Inventory and Credits should be still the same.

Well i was moved (yay), but no ship, nothing on registry. And the 14-16 million credits are still missing. doh

The credits are in your bank.
The ships… strange. try again. I inserted them agian. Hope that works

Nope lol. since im bugging you, can you put some o2 on my char?

Ok i will put your ship into the warp orbit and you too. that should work

Ok login again.

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You are the greatest, Thank you so much.

I told you!! :heart_eyes: