Since i arrived to planet Im regulary disconnected and cant join sometimes for a minutes, now its much longer, waiting for maybe 10 minutes, cant see server at all. Not sure whats going on.

Also ther eis bugged deposit, its too deep to be mined. Last part is just flat and cannot be mined.

I have same problem today… Didnt yesterday. (Venus)

Joining times are very high for me too. I first noticed yesterday (around 23.00/00.00 Amsterdam/Berlin time) that it took ages to load (which was fine since I should’ve been asleep an hour ago).

Right now (18:00 Amsterdam/Berlin time) I’ve been waiting for a good 5 minutes now and I’m not in yet…

steamcommunity.com/games/383120/ … 1607648027


im havinn issues to its not finding the server. It started at around 8 pm. Loading screan won’t even connect also my chat stoped working