Disconnected from server and EAC kick

Two days i have strange disconnect from server and EAC kick some times.
Today i put in inventory 2000 gold coins and 10k magnesium powder and another dissonect - when i login my inventory is emply and cargo box too. I lost this items. Last log

03-06:55:56.944 -LOG- Connected to server [ConnRes]
03-06:55:56.946 -LOG- Starting Client game. Local player 76561197980336646/A.F.T
03-06:55:56.946 -LOG- EAC: Pushing 40 bytes from dedi to EAC
03-06:55:56.961 -LOG- EAC: Popped 156 bytes for dedi (seq 1)
03-06:55:56.961 -LOG- EAC: Popped 2 messsages in a row
03-06:55:58.928 -LOG- EAC: Pushing 80 bytes from dedi to EAC
03-06:56:00.950 -LOG- EAC: Popped 89 bytes for dedi (seq 3)
03-06:56:01.979 -LOG- LogFlags = 0
03-06:56:01.995 -LOG- Loading playfield ‘Alliance Planet’
03-06:56:02.666 -LOG- Playfield ‘Alliance Planet’ with seed 7 loaded.
03-06:59:41.106 -LOG- Got disconnected from server: Disconnected
03-06:59:41.125 -LOG- Disconnected from server [ConnRes]
03-06:59:41.126 -LOG- Playfield saving
03-06:59:41.151 -LOG- Unloading playfield ‘Alliance Planet’
03-06:59:44.057 -LOG- [NET] Kicked from server: You were disconnected becaue of connection problems. To contiune please try to reconnect
03-06:59:48.936 -LOG- OnApplicationQuitClient_161203-065957-36.log (8.6 KB)

Client_161202-085847-83.log (11.4 KB)

Thank you very much!
We let the devs know about it.

Could be also the reason because HeartbeatClient. I turned it off for now since Alliance Planet is quite overcrowded.

Another one ))) Client_161203-085054-12.log (9.6 KB)

Disconnect after 15-20 sec. Lost again items (500 fusion fuel pack) Today i very very “happy”…