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Having used TS for a very very…very long time it will be a change but that can be good, will try and get on tonight and test it out.

Same for me. Using this forum and discord feels like hipster over9000. But in positive way. Old is good yes but never underestimate the progress of technology. That is what I think.
I can tell in detail what is technically better but I guess it would be boring :sleeping:

If anyone have user experience problems please let me know.

The goal is really to shutdown the teamspeak servers. They are a security problem right now (and performance since they running where empyrion is running)

All of my friends who actually picked up the game kept wondering why we weren’t using it, glad to see the switch.

(didn’t really matter to me anyway)

Trying to join is giving me expired invite.

Just a heads up Rexxxus not sure if it applies but

This page is for submitting Non-Profit License (NPL) applications only.


NPL’s are for those that wish to install and administer their own TeamSpeak 3 server. NPL’s are strictly for NON-PROFIT entities who wish to increase their TeamSpeak 3 server capacity to allow a maximum of 2 virtual servers and 512 slots. Non-profit entities include, but are not limited to, organizations such as online gaming clans, guilds, or community groups who utilize TeamSpeak software in a manner in which profit or gain of any kind is NOT intended.


I updated the link in the first post above.
The link in the banner was expired, sorry.

About the TS licence, sure I know. That is the reason why I don’t have a NPL licence. Only the free licence for 32 people.

We switching to Discord mainly because of the performance and security. TS got a serious security leak if you google it.

So, i dont really understand why you change from TS to Discord… First of all the Interface is a mess. I have no clue what is where, how to create a sub-channel or who is in which channel, because everbody on the server is shown to the right side. Then you are talking about a security leak in TS, i am sorry but i cant find any actual links, everything i found was over a year old and since then i got a lot of updates for TS. BUT i see a lot of problems with Discord.
A quote from a reddit-post:
“Discord is centralized and therefore vulnerable to data theft and government infiltration”.


The other side of the medal is… It´s for free, yes. And there are no commercials on the site. But how does it make money? They got a lot of investors like Greylock Partners, Benchmark Capital or even Time Warner.
And investors always looking to get their invested money back. In this case there are a few possibilitys:

  1. They sell discord to another company (Nobody knows what then happens)
  2. They sell our data from discord to gain money.
  3. They bring paid content (Servers, Emojis, etc…)

I dont know, i wouldnt prefer any of these points.

Hey WhizZle,

well like always if someone switches a software there are some haters and some followers. If you think the UX / GUI is a mess well I can’t help you with that. It is a modern, clean flat design, following design principles in 2016 (I studied this). Only because something is new does not mean it is bad. Well if it is bad over time we just switch back.

Subchannels are indeed a requested feature they want to add soon.

The important part is the security leak:


Furthermore it ran on the server where Empyrion was running so no need to waste resources on that now.

About your mentioned business model: of course this is possible and happened all the time (e.g. Whats App).
It is legit and we will see if it goes the bad or the good way.

About selling data and data in general: Teamspeak is not encrypted either. If someone wants he could get your voice calls too :wink:
Mumble is the only client who supports real end to end encryption.

Anyways I am not the typical hater gonna hate “iPhone vs Android” guy. I see what is best and look how it goes instead of saying at the beginning everything is shit and gtfo :wink:

First of all, thanks for the fast response. Second is “ANDROID” :grinning:

Thanks for the link, i was looking for it, but couldnt find anything about the security breach, and i must have missed it on Heise. Maybe i should have tried Bing?! :laughing:

I think i will find my way through the interface, but its really not easy designed.

The difference between TS and Discords security is that they only have to knock on Discords door to get the access, for TS they have to look for the right server.
It´s surely not impossible but a little more work for “them” :alien:

I will give Discord a try, buuuut i am not a

Hehe, Android ftw! cough cough

Advantage of Discord is also that it is using WebRTC as technology which allows it also to run from any browser. The Smartphone app is also a big advantage. Since the switch to the new forum + discord I recovered more ships than we had User on TS. Don’t know if this is good or bad :smile:

Yeah… I think the next big step of Discord is to allow self hosted servers again (they had it earlier).
Let’s see how it goes and so long keep the fan on:

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Really good voicechat program!
Recommend it to everyone

I do like both of the chat platforms myself for many reason. To many to state. However my question is this. Since I do not get much privacy to run a chat most of the time. How do I get on the list for Alliance work. I do use voice chat but it is normally just in times of combat to give orders to my attack group.