Dissapearing SV - Resolved


My SV disapeared from the back of my CV yesterday while flying on Trader Planet. Not sure exactly when as I was driving at the time.

Structure commander reports it as being at position 3590/871/1221, which seems to change as that is different to what it was earlier. I went and searched and could not find it either visually or on the map.

I am not asking for it to be restored to me, but would ask you destroy it so I no longer pay taxes on it please.

Structure ID 1084324




yes, very weird bugs around with 4.X :expressionless:
I destroyed the CV so you don’t get charged.


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Many thanks RexXxus

Wait, you destroyed the CV? It was an SV I lost, not my CV?

PHEW! Just checked and my little CV is still there. :slight_smile:

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