Do:bp - "wait 30 seconds" 10mins later/even after restart

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=> do:bp - “wait 30 seconds” 10mins later/even after restart

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=> Sunday 12 September 18:19

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Can you try and fix the chatbot?

Tried removing cache, still can’t abort / finish BP, seems like there’s a factory issue now after the restart.

Even after renaming my cache file I can’t make a bp and it’s saying there’s no BP in the factory (or even materials now… )

Still saying needs colonist dual… not got a single BP in my save that needs it :confused: Can’t make nothing, and was trying to build a starter CV for a random person on the server.

Another screenie - can’t change the BP in the factory:

BP started counting down after another restart and verify (all verfied ok).

So I’ll just leave it to do it’s thing, but I can’t abandon the BP or speed it - but hopefully finishing it fixes the factory.


removing the cache will break your bp factory. That was not the best idea. No t sure though how to fix that @RexXxuS ? Usually you could still build new bp.

Sadly nothing we can do about that bp.

About the do:bp. Game/Tool connection was a bit slow before that was the reason
I returned 2 do:bp therefore.

I renamed the folder and put it back after I saw the factory was still bugged…

Everything is as it was before now.

No, unfortunately nothing can be done then.
It’s a hash, that the game runs a handshake against. Any change to local files breaks this verification system. Otherwise players could cheat themselves blueprints of course.

Any change to local files breaks this verification system.

Renaming the folder and restoring it doesn’t do anything to the game at all - your stuff is still there after restoring. - Physically editing a file, yes sure cos that was a dirty lil’ secret back in the day.

The bug went away after the craft time counted down, but was unable to cancel or speed up, there was likely a bug at play pre-restart which grew to breaking my factory (now fine) after the restart.

Thanks for getting back though - seemed like a fair few people were having issues with do:bp so not sure if it was showing as “done” it’s end even though it wasn’t.


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