Does Armageddon planet on EU PVE (easy) server have special PVP/PVE rotation?

Landed there yesterday before the 17:00 backup and the planet was PVE, after the 17:00 backup planet became PVP and haven’t changed back. I first thought it was on the same rotation as EU PVP (PVP 17-23 & PVE 23-17) but after the 11:00 backup it was still PVP and is when I’m writing this almost 13:00 day after. So 24 hrs ago at this time it was PVE = confusing.

Not whining or complaining, just curious what rotation it’s supposed to be on, if any.
All other gold farm PF’s on the EU PVE server is PVP, so i guess it makes sense that this one is also PVP at some point, maybe even all the time.

I’m calling it PVE server even though in server list it has been changed to PvPvE. Thanx for that, it’s less confusing =)

Thanks Ixx!

Something went wrong I guess or I mis-configured the timetable accidentley.
Will check it at home. The schedule should be the same as for the other EU server.

Ok, sounds good.

Another thing, also on Armageddon. The “Alien Cradles” POI complex is floating in the air, as if it was “spawned” in mid air, instead of lowered into the ground.
Its nice to get a good view of the layout, but it’s kinda hard to raid and dying would be a serious problem i imagine, since you would respawn on the ground 100 meters below it =)

The position is; 3790 / 104 / -456 when landed on it, so the “ground level” of the complex is 104 meters up in the air =P

Fixed the pvpve toggle.

The floating… yeah indeed, if you die you need superman power or just leave the SV at the ground, die, spawn near, fly just up, jump out, let the sv fall to ground again, repeat :wink:

No, sadly technically it is not possible to set the POI automated all the time digged out at the ground. But in the future for sure.

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