Doesnt worked today the daily interest

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What happened: I didnt get the daily interest today. I visited the bank yesterday and get the advice of being active. check with eb:info and all ok. Today, i see that RP has been added also the rp and money bonus for the vote, but money daily interest no. Since the 1st day of 8.0 i have repeated this all the days and it never failed until today.
Player(s) with issue: Sr Pato eb account: 14151
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 9.00 to now
How can we help you now: It wanst worked auto, send the interest manually please, its 1.6kk . 4% of 40kk at level 4 of the bank. Thnks

Edit: although eb:info said daily interest = true and i get the “thnks for visit the bank warning” i can see now that on the connect tool didnt refrest the status to “visited_bank” on that date and time. Could be that the problem? the tool failed to refresh status?

Hello @SrPato

I’m back from vacation but looking at your logs you missed the Bank visit on the 28th to get interest on the 29th.


I hope you’ve had a good time even though they’ve been short.
I am sure that I visited it and the warnings came out, although later I did not update the visit in the connect.
Anyway, thank you for bothering to look at it.

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