Donated, nothing happened

Donated this evening, Paypal says the trasaction happened, but still has it in my “cart”. No upgrade to OCD happened and do:info in game says “please donate first”. Not sure what’s going on, or if I just need to wait.

when the admins log in they will activate it. they are euro so it take a little bit

ah, it’s a manual thing, that makes sense, ty

Yes, the donation system is handled by RexXxuS and Jascha exclusively. After having donated, it may take up to 24 hours to be implemented in game, although I personally have never seen it take more than a few hours or so. Don’t fret, you will be awarded your donor features :slight_smile:

Good Morning.
It is set.

Thank you very much @Quailow again and enjoy HWS! :slight_smile: