Donater Planets

There is no donater packet allow…if someone go into a pve planet in the univers he can use all what he buy…only the peopel that pay 99 Euro for a planet can not use the own donater packets. I think…no matter what other player say…thats a bad joke. It feels really bad really bad.

Here we are again:

For now only when you redonate and then only if you play there again your time (every 10 playhours +1 package).
Maybe we need to explain it in more detail but technically it is a MONSTER job to do what might be easy.

Imagine we would transfer over donation packages and playhours time. On one day your cat or whoever do a CSW with the wrong player. What do you think will happen to your 1000+ playhours character?! It will get overwritten. The danger is too high to merge some details.

You mean Penthouses?
Yes, this was a compromise since it is totally restricted and not draining more performance than Peacekeepers.

As often said: we know that it is not the super awesome solution right now. But if you never try something you will never grow. And sometimes it is better to learn from mistakes than from anything else.
We gave you a third OCD, third OAM, third supply package, EGS zone, third donation option system and OCD usage in Cross Server Warp.
In fact, in real 1:1 comparison you got now a much higher value than the 99 € for 2 month…

Anyways we keep pushing and improving.

Dear Rexxus i think you forgot some possibel. If i going to buy a new donater jeahr i got a new ocd wow and then ? all my resources are in the other one. So whats the piont ? You need to have a look of all this there player they dont pay 99 Euro and they get now a better life then me. Lol you say to me take another donater…spend more money…you get a doubel donater…i dont wanna have doubel donater …for what i need two ocd…i never get my own level 5 full…i can understand thats a big problem to overwrite the donater …maybe …maybe not…i dont know …but this is not the best way i am sorry i love this server your work your fights …i spend this money for the server and then i get a doubel ass.kick that how does it feel at the moment. sorry

I said it somewhere but we will implement an OCD transfer.
Stay tuned

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i can relate to @LuckySuicid3 point of view . we already have multiple players loosing interest and others frustrated from this donator shift . beiing a bald and experimental concept from @RexXxuS and @Jascha @Achilles and as supporters of HWS we need to be more patient with this radical shift , i know i know the wait the anticipation and then the outcome isnt as expected for planet owners . but the intention is for the best of all players including planet donors since they do represent a pillar for sustainability of HWS . from what i have tested here are my constructive points of views :

  1. some bug cross warping can cause u to loose inventory esp if initiated by a faction member while in zone .
  2. difference in classes sizes in donator planets not working . class 4 bases are still marked as cannot build .
  3. pvp spaces in SA does not sound as a good idea . it is a sanctuary . right ?
  4. ocd and dB schizophrenic split is causing the biggest pain for all atm . my question is can all db be unified … meaning us eu sa . having one platform instead of 3 . i know us and eu were split before for fair play reasons is there another technicality that prevents the merge ? if not then i do suggest to open pandora’s box in unifying db of HWS . can have an interesting result .
    We stand by u guys in full support and this is only a reflection of the first impression .