Donation - how long it takes to the server?

Hi I made this post not to push out and just to know.

I just donate for the HWS package and the bp package like an hour ago and I know devs are working hard plus they have their main jobs to. Just curious about how long it takes on the server for my donations to be active. Or if i have to do any extra or send an email.

Thank you
Player SpiritMIA

Hey man,

As soon as they log on donations are the priority so when they have finished their day jobs :slight_smile:

Probably any time soon :wink:

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Oh thanks I was thinking that the server must do that by itself…
Great to know and perfect them!

Thank you very much my friend and for all the job made on this server/forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!
As written in game: you have your bonus and thanks again!

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