Donation issue and recycled base info?

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i bought eb lvl 5 and alien core in donation page but is not shown up on hws connect and i havent recieved alien core and also can you check that mats has gone into my ocd after recycling my class 500 base hahaha as nothing has seemed to go in there lol ?

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you may want to actually fill in the form otherwise it will just get ignored

thank you odin :wink:

When did you make the donations? Today? If so, it may be a case that Rexx or Jascha have to manually give the packages as they have in the past. Think it’s nighttime over there at the moment.

hello taco i bought them yesterday i bought an alien core and eb lvl 5 and egs recycle level 5 i got the alien cor 5 mins ago and it shows on hws connect that i have egs recycle lvl 5 but no eb lvl 5 lol

Hello @smudgybear and thanks for your support! Means a lot to me!

Checking our tool, it should be all there.
If not, can you please post a screenshot of your HWS Connect Support Us page?

ok i will check

EB Level 5 was wrong displayed (but still eb level 5 with eb:info) Fixed it now. Please press CTRL + SHIFT + R in your browser.

yay all done thank you rex :wink:

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