Donation Issue - Not showing in game

Dear Support Team,

I donated to the server, but my donation is still not processed in game. Please advise.

paypal email from which it came is [email protected]. Steam account ArnorBG

Thank you in advance!

Hey Arnor,
I gave you the bonus on the EU server and thank you again! :slight_smile:
As you saw it is not working you had below 5 hours playtime. On HWS your playtime is the important thing. Every 10 hours you get 1 package of Resources and Blueprint.
See here for more information:

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

This is curious, as i had 10 hours at time of donation.

Anyway. I still dont see it in my info. Am i missing something? I feel kinda retarded :smiley:

Ehm now you have played 15 hours on HWS EU and have 2 packages :slight_smile:
To be sure: your ingame nick is Arnor?! In faction MVx?!

Please type cb:info / do:info / ocd:info and let me know what the output is.

Hi there!

The information is correct, but their are still not showing (screenshot in the link)

Thank for looking into this!

Ah I see, sorry.
As stated here: [quote=“RexXxuS, post:1, topic:640”]
Since we added more feautres and you get the OCD to level 5 instant with an donation and coming Auto Miner features and generally more donation features coming we increased the minimum value of “activation” by 5. So you have all donator benefits if donating 10 dollar / euro or more now. Everyone who donated till now 5-9 euro/dollar we automatically set him/her to 10 as a thank you.

We increased the treshold a bit. Since you donated before I set you automatically to 10 now. Please verify in the game. :wink:

It is working now!

Thank you for your support! :slight_smile:

I am having the issue that I payed 10 euro on donation and it still says donate first when command do:info isdone in game

Check your PM. At that time I was sleeping