Donation not registering?

Hello, I donated earlier today and have not received the package or blueprint. I just hit 7 hours according to the Connect web tool, so I should see something, right?

If it takes a while to register, that is fine. Just want to make sure it isn’t bugged.

Thank you guys for your hard work, loving the server.

Hi!! Thanks so much for your donation!

I just closed everything down and crawled into bed, but my EU cohorts should be coming along shortly.

You may already have it – you get charges for every 10 hours of playtime. So when you reach 10, you will get 1 of both DO perks. And one at 20, 30,40 etc. when you reach 100, any time you donate again you refresh all 10 instantly.

Thanks again!!


sorry for that. Somehow your confirmation mail was not showing.
I activated it. Thank you so much! Really appreciated!

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