Donation packages bugged

Thanks for activating my packages. However on PVE server:

0/10 used
Available: 0…

Same with blueprints.

Forum is also semi down for me. Takes me a lot of refreshes before I can get it to show up. Probably known I guess or you are working on the site I guess.

This is how it is.
Different server, different player ID. Different player ID different playhour there.
Since it would be too complicated to merge the IDs together and too complicated for others to understand we will change our donator system regarding this.
Since we maybe have more and more servers the direct connection between 2 is over, where we thought CSW would fit both servers and so the donations.

From now on you donate for one server you are playing on.

// can’t reproduce the forum performance. It is good for me

Oh wait I’m so dumb :sweat_smile: I need to play 10 hours per package first… Not used to not having hundreds of play hours sorry.

Wait just to be sure, so I need to donate again for the PVE/NA server or is that only for new donations from now on?

Yes, from now on it is for every server separately.

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