Hello there,

I wanted to let you know I really enjoy the work you have done on this server. Fantastic Job! I decided to donate as I think it is going to a great cause.

I just donated and accidentally hit pay before I was able to put in the description my name (Avlon). If you don’t mind, please attach it to my Avlon account.

Below are the details.

August 5, 2016
€10.00 EUR
Donation Paid with PayPal
Exchange rate $11.38 USD = €10.00 EUR
1 US Dollar = 0.88 Euro
Transaction ID 2XK936260V615961U
Sent to W3DG
Donation details
Sent to W3DG€10.00 EUR
Fee€0.00 EUR
Amount€10.00 EUR

Thank you VERY much. Approved you in the game :slight_smile:
Enjoy HWS!