Donations and 3.0's wipe

There are some who have a question about what happens to our donation packages after the wipe. If for example I were to donate now, and receive my packages before the wipe, would I lose my packages? To put it another way, are the donation packages linked to 2.3.2, or do they extend to any version of this server?

I’ve asked this question. and was told all blueprints and packages are wiped. I think this is because your play time probably gets reset. Not really an issue because all you need to do is claim your packages and OCD them. So even if you donate now you would still get your packages but you would need to claim them straight away before reset

If this is true, then for clarification purposes, this stipulation should be posted within the donation page then.

Ah, sorry to not mentioned it on the Donation website.
Yep, after a full server wipe the packages of all donators will be refilled.

It is up to you what you do it till then… :wink: