Donations gone

I bought donations, used a few. Said i used em all up. Ok, so i bought two more, and used exactly ONE. And says i used them all up.

Please fix

On the EU server, and no, i counted my stacks of rare bars, i didnt use all 10 of the original either. Tell me what to send

Have patiens , @ jascha or @ RexXxuS will be looking into it soon

Donald T took em all. For hes building the wall to the south. :slight_smile:

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when did you buy more donations. I can only find one donation?
You get evey 10 hours another packaged. thats why you have only 6 available and i gues before it was 5, so thats why you had one more.
If you donated more often then one time, please send us an email that we can check the confirmations. Could not find your name in the paypal logs.



Will sort this out if I am at home in few hours.