Donator Planet no OCD?

Good Evening,

I am coming back after a few month hiatus and it seems that on our donator planet (which is PVE) the OCD won’t come into orbit. I keep getting a message that it is a PVP zone. I remember it working when I left a couple months ago. Did something change?


no OCD on Starter and Donator planets any longer. You’ll need to go to a legit PVE zone.

Understood. Thank you for the follow up.

Not 100% correct. Only starter. Have to look why your planet is counted as “pvp”.

Ok Rex I appreciate it. Also I was reading through all the patch notes over the course of the last few months (good job by the way you guys have been busy) and I read that you can set your spawn point via egs:setstarterplanet but it doesn’t seem to work for the donator planets. So would that mean if I lose my CV in space then I would have to respawn on an origin planet, rebuild another CV, and warp across the solar system to get back to my home?

  1. starter planets (as the text tells you) only works on origin planets. Not donator planets.

  2. who are you ingame / what planet do you have?

  3. good that you read through everything and knows how donator planets will be counted till 6.0?!

Sorry guys! Could have swore PVE donors were included in the OCD changes - my bad!

My in game name is the same. The_Godchild and our planet is Nyx. I’d have to get in touch with Kustom but I think we already paid for the 6.0 season as well. Thanks for the info Rex I really appreciate it. I played for about 4 hours last night and reignited the desire to play again. You guys do a great job which is why you have the best server available for this game.

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Wanted to give this post a bump. Its been a couple days and the OCD still isn’t working on Nyx even though our planet is PVE. Just trying to figure out why. Thanks in advance for any help on this issue.


sorry for the delay.
We set it to “PvE” now.

Much appreciated Rex everything is working fine now. Thanks again.