Donator Spawn Lost

Pulled all the resources from my OCD and borrowed a few more from friends. Used do:bp to take the time to zero, clicked to spawn it - and lost connection the playfield server at the Elemental Marketplace. Upon relogging, the ship was not spawned, but the blueprint and donator package were used.

Well, I’ll keep it alive til RexXxus gets back at least.

Or just refund 200K 80K Sathium. 20K everything else.

Or I can wait til Rex ges back +interest.

[quote=“RavenDD, post:3, topic:3082”]
[/quote]Interest lol. I’d be rich if I could charge admins interest on lost stuff from ages ago. Good luck with that.

Sorry. But the do:bp worked. Its a game problem with the blupeprint spawn.
EAC kicked you. Please provide your client logs (zip).

Thank you

No logs more recent than 11/10/16. Somehow I bet that won’t help.

If you started the game over steam logs will be always written in that directory
steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Logs
with the build version name as directory.

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