Drilling drains FPS?

When drilling with 6 drills on a relatively empty ice planet, my FPS sometimes goes as low as 10. When I stop drilling it goes back to 60. Also I noticed that my drillship got damaged somehow (huh?).

Drilling is also nasty with my GPU and can cause my laptop to overheat. Never had an issue like this with a game. lol. I generally turn down performance on my laptop when I am going to drill :frowning:

It’s the stupid cloud effects or the meteorite “glow pulse” thing. It’s been around for some time. Not every rock does it… It’d happen with T2 hand drills as well.

Okay so it’s not just me. They should remove the cloud then or add a console command for it or make it a simple GFX instead of a cloud that drains all performance. Never noticed it with the T2 drill but perhaps 6 drills create 6x more clouds?

Drilling in 3rd person (zoomed out) solves the problem.

Going into space and coming back in atmo remove this fps killer but it’s difficult to do with hv now.
It happens to meteors you see falling.

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