Drop containers not getting removed?

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What happened: on POI Abandoned Mine on Mars X i see dropcontainers from what appears my last visit to the room where i deconstructed some containers etc If i revisit the same room 20 minutes later or so the containers are gone but the left overs i see are from 24hrs ago or so (unless some one else was recently here but i doubt it). seen these dropcontainers several times now always with stuff i dont need or leave behind. Isnt this bad for performance and should they be removed in 10 minutes or so?
Player(s) with issue: me, maybe others?
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): any time
Playfield: Mars X
Structure Name(s): Abandoned Mine, possibly ither POIs
Structure ID(s): ?
How can we help you now: maybe something to look into?

Hey, since when did you notice this? Just since yesterday?
I also noticed that other planets have lots of containers laying around.

Thanks we found it. As soon as you get out of sight they go back to 24 minutes. Devs got the info. Thanks

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