DSH Base Over Device Limit?

I have seen some older posts about this issue, not sure if more examples are still needed but I’m like 99% sure that our base DSH Defense 0 (6096050) is not over the device limit. Structure commander says it has 1146 devices but when I save the blueprint for the base it shows like so:

(with 476 devices)

I’m not sure when GamesGlitches became a moderator but he has been very active in letting us know we are exceeding the limit and believes we are exploiting. If an Admin has some time to check out our base/confirm there’s some issue with the device count we would appreciate being able to put this matter to rest :slight_smile:

As said often times: it is a bug with the structure output.
It will be corrected if the playfield unloads / server restarts. But as soon as someone dock a ship on another ship / base the devices stacks up.

It’s good that people take this serious but if you are sure it is not correct, don’t bother about it.

I test it from time to time myself. If it is really over 1000 devices the structure is gone.